Electric Motor Service That Raises Eyebrows

After 35 years in the business, we’ve learned everything there is about electric motors. Not to mention keeping the trust of clients like you.

After all, it’s your productivity at stake. So the longer your motors run, the better we look. For rebuilds, we thoroughly inspect every motor that comes to us. Plus we use superior components for maximum life. And put it through its paces before it ships, to meet the highest expectations.

And when it comes to new motors and replacement parts, we shine with quick delivery and the industry’s highest standards.


More than expertise. Craftsmanship.

We don’t just put new parts in electric motors. We put our hearts into everything we do. And our names on every motor we ship. Because we’re building a reputation at the same time we build your motor. How do we do it?

Rewind Armatures & Replace Commutators

We wind our own armatures and make our own field coils. That way, you can be sure of a proper fit and performance.

Meet Industry Standards

All armatures are dynamically balanced on computer-controlled equipment to meet the most stringent requirements.

We Check For Wear.

We search for fatigue on every shaft, spline, AND motor housing, as well as the surfaces of bearings and fans. And replace parts for longer life.

Quality Insulation.

Your motor should be able to take the heat. So we use only H Class insulation for higher temperature tolerances.

Testing Again and Again.

Every electric motor, every armature is run through a calibrated tester for hi-pot, bar-to-bar, and surge comparison. Then recorded for quality comparison.

Runs Like New. Looks Like New.

It’s not good to us until it looks good, too. That’s why every electric motor housing and case is beadblasted, prepped and repainted.

More Than Motors. Solutions.

If a forklift goes down, it slows down everything in your operations. That means keeping your electric motors in peak condition keeps your productivity surging, too. Here’s how we can make a difference for you:

Better Parts. Better Durability.

No shortcuts here. We only use proven components and OEM parts, making a proven different in your motor life.

Armature Repair.

We don’t just rewind AC motor cases. We do it quickly, so you can look forward to short turnaround times.

The Complete Package.

It’s not just what we do in the shop. It’s how we ship it to you. Every motor gets sent your way in quality, reusable packaging.

Cost Effective.

It’s not just a matter of quality. It’s a matter of price, too. Every job is built to fit your budget, too. Ask us for a quote.

Custom To You.

There’s no such thing as a routine job. Ask how we can develop repair programs to help you squeeze the most out of your operations.

Service by the numbers.


Different Brands Served

From big brands like Toyota and Hyster to harder-to-find makes, there’s only one name you need to know.


Day Turnarounds

Be part of our consignment program, and have rebuilt electric motors ready to ship overnight for your operation.


Square Feet of Products

Brush springs. Armatures. Oil seals. Carbon brushes. Bearings. Fans. Field coils. Somewhere in our warehouse is the part you need.



Thorough inspection and testing. Quality components. Years of expertise. Best of all, our work is backed up by our warranty.

What Lifts Us.

Our values aren’t just something in a mission statement. It’s what we live by every day.


The technology changes everyday. We change with it with constant investments in our capabilities.


Your most expensive equipment? The one that’s out of commission. So we deliver dependability and quality on every job.


It should go without saying. But we set high standards and live up to them with OEM parts and the highest quality components possible.

Specializing in repeat customers.

It does more than power your forklift. It powers your business. And the better it works, the better you work. We don’t just rebuild electric motors. We often remake them better than new, putting knowhow, reliability, and longevity into everything we deliver. All so you run at peak performance.

Our Benefits

  • Better performance.
  • Higher reliability.
  • Lower costs.
  • Quicker turnaround.
  • Greater peace of mind.


Milton Sandy, Jr. CPA President
Just a quick note to thank you for the exceptional service on the two motors which UPS delivered this afternoon.  It is a real pleasure to find a company that does things exceptionally well and delivers great customer service.

Milton Sandy, Jr. CPA President | M.L.Sandy Lumber Sales Co., Inc.

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