Never wait again.
Just-in-time options.

With so much productivity at stake, you don’t want a part or a rebuilt motor delivered next week. You need it ASAP. Fortunately, Manville has both just-in-time delivery and a consignment program built around your needs—and ready to go. With one call and a little planning on our part, and you’ll never experience downtime again.

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Electric Motor Consignment Program.

A lot depends on your forklift. When it’s down, a lot of other things go down with it: Productivity, profitability, and available resources. That’s why our Consignment program gives you a way to make sure your downtime is kept to a bare minimum.

To set up your program, Manville representatives will consult with your team. Whether it’s keeping inventory on-site or ready to ship, we’ll customize an option that best suits how you and your company work. Because, when it comes to serving you, that’s just how we roll.

So if productivity really matters to you, if down equipment puts a crimp in your style, call Manville today about creating a better solution tomorrow. After all, business doesn’t wait. And neither should you.

Design Your Own Solution.

Our team of experts won’t just rebuild and repair motors. We’ll create whole new efficiencies for your company, slashing downtime and growing your productivity.

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