Products That Help You Move Products.

Manville is not just about motors and cranes. We’re about solutions. Below are just a few of the ways we help make your environment more productive and safer.


Imagine processing orders quickly. Retrieving inventory with fewer personnel. Reducing material costs. With the right robotics, you can. We at Manville offer Fetch Robotics with the right solutions for on-demand automation—applied in ways you never dreamed. With our help, you’ll see a big uptick in productivity and efficiency. In turn, turning your workflow into an absolute machine.

Shipping Systems

More than ever, the supply chain relies on your products getting to their destinations safely. So how do you ready and protect your shipments? With a little help from Lantech and Manville, of course. Because we have the stretch wrappers, the case sealers and more to help you ship from Point A to Point B–with less manpower. So if you seek productivity, Manville makes it a wrap.

Proximity Detection

Workplace safety. The more people and machines that are moving through your site, the higher the threat to your workers. With our Blaxtair and AME proximity detection systems, you can keep an eagle eye out for pedestrians and obstacles, slashing your chances for mishaps—and everything they bring. To learn more, ask us. After all, a safer workplace is no accident.

Power Pallets

You’ve got a heavy load to move. Yet ordinary pallet jacks don’t just put a strain on the back, but they’re also difficult to use in slippery environments or uneven floors. Our PowerPallet gives you the extra pull and traction you need. That saves you time, energy, and a lot of muscles. And you get higher productivity at the same time. That’s the power of thinking smart.

Lift Tables

Sometimes, raising productivity is as simple a matter as lowering your work surface. With hydraulic scissor lift tables from Southworth, you can adapt your work station to the job that needs to be done.

No more stooping. No more craning. Instead, with Southworth’s Backsaver™ tables, you get more than 1,000,000 possible configurations to do your job, regardless of what that job might be. So your crew members get work done more easily and with less hassle and pain.

And that’s no stretch.

Replacement Wheels and Tires

If you move items around in your workplace, you need wheels to do it. Yet your choice of replacement wheels, tires, and casters from Stellana can have an impact on productivity and uptime. With us, enjoy better engineering which, in turn, means better equipment life and ease of work. Call us today. And get rolling immediately.

Moving Solutions

You have a lot of material to move, and you need a variety of ways to move it. With our wealth of material handling solutions from ValleyCraft, you’ll find the ideal way to move items in your space, regardless of what it might be. Even better, our solutions are tailored to the way you operate. So if you’re ready for better material handling, start by picking up the phone and calling us.

Tablet & SmartPhone Holders

Whether in the workplace or in the cab of a vehicle, tablets and smartphones have become essential tools. At the same time, they shouldn’t get in the way of the work. Our Arkon line of professional mounts allow you to reference your device while getting the job done—and staying safe. And that’s a smart decision, any way you look at it.

Ergonomic Flooring

Where do you stand on ergonomics? When it comes to the comfort of your team—not to mention their health—it has a big impact on your growth and productivity. Especially on your workshop floors.

As a distributor of Barefoot Ergonomic Industrial Flooring and M + A Matting, we can help you provide both the cushion and support your team members need during long hours at their workstations. With superb engineering, Barefoot and M + A will have an immediate effect on fatigue, not to mention your bottom line.