Products That Help You Move Products.

Manville is not just about motors and cranes. We’re about solutions. Below are just a few of the ways we help make your environment more productive and safer. Contact us for more information.

Lift Tables

Sometimes, raising productivity is as simple a matter as lowering your work surface. With hydraulic scissor lift tables from Southworth, you can adapt your work station to the job that needs to be done.

No more stooping. No more craning. Instead, with Southworth’s BacksaverTM tables, you get more than 1,000,000 possible configurations to do your job, regardless of what that job might be. So your crew members get work done more easily and with less hassle and pain.

And that’s no stretch.

Lift Truck Mounts

The more you go digital, the more important it is to keep electronic devices close at hand—and out of the way. How do you balance the convenience of digital workflow with a fast-paced environment?

Enter our Arkon Lift Truck Mounts. Available for a host of applications. Sturdy, reliable, and with solutions for whatever your need might be. So not only does Manville stand for moving material, but we are the pros at keeping your production moving in the right direction.

Ergonomic Flooring

Where do you stand on ergonomics? When it comes to the comfort of your team—not to mention their health—it has a big impact on your growth and productivity. Especially on your workshop floors.

As a distributor of Barefoot Ergonomic Industrial Flooring and M + A Matting, we can help you provide both the cushion and support your team members need during long hours at their workstations. With superb engineering, Barefoot and M + A will have an immediate effect on fatigue, not to mention your bottom line.

Pallet Rack Repair and Protection

If you have an industrial space, you have pallet racks for storage. But the day-to-day strain of use can take a toll over time.

As a Mak Rak partner, we offer a host of repair solutions that extend the life of your pallet racks, not to mention improving your warehouse safety. Engineered to the most demanding standards around, our products will save you money, and potentially a great deal more.

Spill Management

It doesn’t matter if it’s a hazardous substance or not. A spill on your warehouse floor can mean big trouble in terms of safety. So how do you absorb spills quickly, without impeding productivity?

As a distributor for Stardust Spill Products, we can help you soak up dangerous spills on your worksite without hassle, and without production delays.