We Help Keep Pattons Blowing and Going

when you need a motor rebuilt

When you’re in the compressor business, your customers expect a great deal. With production at stake, there’s no margin for error, and no patience for hot air. David Goldsby of Pattons, Inc., has to keep his nationwide roster of manufacturing clients happy every day. After all, whether it’s plastics, tire manufacturers, steel mills, and wood […]

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Manville Shines For Lee Brass

electric motor shop birmingham

Lee Brass in Anniston has been around 105 years, meeting the demanding needs of both industry and our country’s military. And Matt Haynes is one of the reasons it enjoys a bright future. Because, as the company’s MRO Buyer, he’s responsible for keeping production rolling. That’s why he turns to Manville to keep things moving. […]

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Teamwork at Manville

teamwork at Manville

It’s all about teamwork at Manville.  About how we pull together to combine knowledge and skills to accomplish great things. And at Manville, our team is the best. A winner. Tops.  And we like to say that we become an extension of your team, too.  For example, when a large steel operation had one of […]

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Case Study: Manville’s Winding Expertise


Motors see a lot of different kinds of dirt and dust, but nearly none as bad as this one. Full of nearly petrified sawdust, this motor was completely impacted and useless. And it’s a forklift motor that has a lot of wire in a tiny space. The job was too much of a challenge for […]

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Case Study: Manville’s Turnaround Time

Manville's turnaround time 

When a large sawmill operation had their only 50HP WEG motor fail, they need help quick, and Manville’s turnaround time was the key. Manville received their call on Friday morning asking if we could repair the motor so they could keep production going. The sawmill needed to be working at 100% capacity by Monday morning.  […]

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