Teamwork at Manville

teamwork at Manville

It’s all about teamwork at Manville. 

About how we pull together to combine knowledge and skills to accomplish great things. And at Manville, our team is the best. A winner. Tops. 

And we like to say that we become an extension of your team, too. 

For example, when a large steel operation had one of their big compressor motors fail, they needed help quick, and Manville’s turnaround time was the key.

Manville received their call on Friday morning asking if we could repair the motor so they could keep production going. The plant needed to be working at 100% capacity by Monday morning. 

At 10:00 am Friday, our team got to work rebuilding the machine. Manville delivered the motor back to the plant at 8:00 am on Sunday morning. 

“We pride ourselves on our ability to get big jobs done in a short timeframe,” said Brooks Adams, President of Manville Material Handling Solutions. “When it comes to equipment repair, we do what the customer needs. It’s a great feeling when Manville’s turnaround time is able to keep our clients up and running.”

Manville can attribute its win to their knowledgeable and dedicated team. “Our guys really know their stuff,” said Adams. “I’ve never experienced teamwork at this level in the workplace.” 

Another time, we received a motor that was completely impacted and useless with nearly petrified sawdust. Motors see a lot of different kinds of dirt and dust, but nearly none as bad as this one. And it was a forklift motor that has a lot of wire in a tiny space.

The job was too much of a challenge for another shop, so they turned to Manville. The project was no problem for us, and we were able to repair the impacted motor and turn it around in 4 days. 

“Getting tough jobs done is what sets us apart,” said Adams. “When it comes to winding, machining and building motors, we have one of the most talented teams around. It’s nice to know that we can tackle almost any electric motor problem out there and do it quickly and accurately.”

And in yet another example, Manville recently competed a shelving job for Cahaba Tractor’s new building’s parts room. This was a multi-unit installation, carefully laid out to maximize the workflow of the parts room. Our crew did a great job, and the shelves are measured to the millimeter. The job was done so well, that Shelving Manufacturer uses photos of our installation as a quality control example to their own staff.

For 39 years, Manville Electric Motors has been a leader for rebuilt electric motors. Whatever you have to move, lift, or carry, then Manville is the name you need to know. Whether it’s a rebuilt electric motor, an intelligent lift system, a light rail crane, or more, we’re the pros to make it work. And help you work better.

Call us today. And see how we move mountains for you.

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