Manville Shines For Lee Brass

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Lee Brass in Anniston has been around 105 years, meeting the demanding needs of both industry and our country’s military. And Matt Haynes is one of the reasons it enjoys a bright future.

Because, as the company’s MRO Buyer, he’s responsible for keeping production rolling. That’s why he turns to Manville to keep things moving.

“I’ve worked with Manville for a couple of years now. When our previous electric motor shop sold out, we needed a new source. And Manville has worked well for us.”

So why does Matt Trust us with his rebuilds?

“It’s paramount to have a reliable motor shop. Even losing a 1-amp fuse can shut down an operation. So when a motor or gear box shuts down you can get way behind. Shutting down for even an hour loses us thousands upon thousands of dollars.”

With so much at stake, that means Manville has to live up to some stringent standards for service, quality, and price.

“They’re reliable, prompt, and straightforward. Not to mention that they give us good pricing. There are no gray areas in my dealings with Manville, just the attitude of getting things done.”

Are you ready to have a reliable partner in your business? Look no further than Manville Material Handling Solutions. And learn all the ways we can keep your production in motion.

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