We Help Keep Pattons Blowing and Going

when you need a motor rebuilt

When you’re in the compressor business, your customers expect a great deal. With production at stake, there’s no margin for error, and no patience for hot air.

David Goldsby of Pattons, Inc., has to keep his nationwide roster of manufacturing clients happy every day. After all, whether it’s plastics, tire manufacturers, steel mills, and wood products, everybody needs their air compressors to work. Or the work grinds to a halt.

That means the electric motors in those compressors need to work, too. And that’s where Manville comes in.

“When we need a motor rebuilt, we trust Manville 100%,” Goolsby says. “They’re spot-on with price and turnaround every time. They even often deliver ahead of schedule, something that’s critical in a fast-paced business like ours.”

What’s more, trust isn’t just about getting the job done. It’s also about knowing a supplier like Manville has Goolsby’s confidence.

“From top to bottom, Manville is great to work with. Personable. Always fair on price and turnaround times. And communications is great. The entire team from top to bottom keeps me informed at every stage in the process.”

We at Manville are delighted to help clients such as David Goolsby and Pattons keep their clients happy, day after day and job after job. With a standard of service that blows everyone else away.

For 35 years, Manville Electric Motors has been a leader for rebuilt electric motors, gearboxes and drive units. Now, they also provide solutions in intelligent lift systems, and light rail cranes. in robotics, shipping systems, proximity detection, and much more.

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